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Snapshots takes a bold new approach by letting professional photographers and invited family & friends capture and share their photos in one place. The result is an extraordinary collection of photos that tell an unforgettable story.

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How it works.

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Create. Photographers, sign up, create an event, and start uploading your best shots. It’s that easy.

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Invite. The entire wedding is invited to snap and upload their own photos. A text message is sent that allows guests to download the app and access the event.

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Capture. Photographers and guests can snap or upload their photos from their devices.

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View. A unique photographic perspective is created when professional and smartphone-shot photos are combined in one modern and organized wedding photo gallery.

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Discover. Snapshots creates an audience for professional photographers to showcase their work with.

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Play. Interact with any photo. Tap the ones you love and leave a heart felt message. Print options are also available on any photo shot by the wedding photographer.


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